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A Spanking at School Means a Spanking at Home – PinkLabel.TV

22 July 2021

Studio: Dreams of Spanking
Starring: Kelley May, Pandora Blake, Richard Mclean, Stephen Lewis

McLean’s been caught down the bowling alley when he was supposed to be in Double Maths, and the Headmistress doesn’t allow truancy in her school. After getting a good hard hand spanking, he begs her not to phone his parents – to no avail.

When Richard gets home he tells his sister all about what’s happened that day. She knows as well as he does what’s coming next: their step-father is not happy to hear about his son’s misdemeanors. He instructs his daughter to stay and watch as Richard is scolded, ordered to pull his trousers down, and bent over the sofa for a hard slippering.

This is Richard’s age-play family fantasy, and his first ever spanking shoot. Dreams of Spanking puts performers at the centre of our creative process, and giving them as much input as they want into their scenes, so this was a steep learning curve for Richard in what it’s like to bring your fantasies to life! Despite struggling with the punishment more than he had expected, he was determined to go through with it, and everyone on set teamed up to help make it a positive experience for him. He breathed through the pain and trusted his tops to read his body language and give him the time he needed between strokes, without dropping out of character.

Dreams of Spanking innovates in bringing gender-diverse content to a mixed audience. We’ve had feedback from our cis-het customers that they love our believable and sympathetic spanking films even when the gender orientation is not one they’d normally seek out. This film contains both F/M and M/M spanking with a femme witness, and will appeal to those who eroticize edgy family dynamics, punishment and masc/masc power exchange.

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